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When you run a business, you never have enough resource or time. Yet there’s a wealth of support and advice available through Government and agencies. And much of it is free. Many companies have already been on this journey. Learn from their experiences and stories. And join them in success.


  1. A big idea takes flight

    It’s bigger than a football field, making it the world’s largest aircraft (about 60 feet longer than an Airbus A380). It is a mixture of aeroplane, airship, helicopter and hovercraft. It’s greener and quieter than other air transport. Oh, and … Continued

  2. Why the sky is no limit to Sky-Futures

    It’s not easy inspecting an oil rig, particularly when it’s miles out at sea. Sky-Futures, a five-year-old business that specialises in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industrial inspection services, is providing a cutting-edge solution to some of the energy industry’s toughest … Continued

Government is supporting growing businesses

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When you are growing and running your business, you never have enough resource. It always feels like that. You don't have time to look around.  This is where Business is... Continued